Astrozolt: The Electric-Flying Pokémon

Astrozolt: The Electric-Flying Pokémon

Astrozolt is a unique and fascinating Pokémon that combines the powers of electricity and flight. This Electric/Flying type Pokémon was introduced in the eighth generation of Pokémon games, and it quickly became a fan favorite. With its striking appearance, powerful moveset, and interesting lore, Astrozolt has captured the attention of trainers worldwide. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Astrozolt, including its abilities, stats, evolution, and competitive viability.

1. The Origin and Lore of Astrozolt

Astrozolt is believed to have originated from a combination of ancient fossils. It is said that the fusion of a Dracozolt fossil and an Arctozolt fossil resulted in the creation of this unique Pokémon. This fusion explains Astrozolt’s dual typing of Electric and Flying, as well as its distinctive appearance.

Astrozolt’s lore revolves around its ability to harness electricity and generate powerful electric currents. It is said that this Pokémon can create lightning storms with a single flap of its wings. Legends also speak of Astrozolt’s ability to control the weather, summoning thunderstorms and gusts of wind at will.

2. Abilities and Stats

Astrozolt possesses two primary abilities: Volt Absorb and Competitive. Volt Absorb allows Astrozolt to heal itself when hit by an Electric-type move, making it an excellent counter against Electric-type opponents. Competitive, on the other hand, boosts Astrozolt’s Special Attack stat whenever its stats are lowered by an opponent’s move.

In terms of stats, Astrozolt excels in Special Attack and Speed. With a base Special Attack stat of 100 and a base Speed stat of 110, Astrozolt can dish out powerful special moves while outspeeding many opponents. Its other stats, however, are relatively average, making it vulnerable to physical attacks.

3. Evolution and Training

Astrozolt does not evolve from or into any other Pokémon. To obtain an Astrozolt, trainers must revive the corresponding fossils found in the Galar region. The Dracozolt and Arctozolt fossils can be obtained in Stow-on-Side and Route 6, respectively.

When it comes to training Astrozolt, its high Special Attack and Speed stats make it an ideal candidate for a special sweeper role. Moves like Thunderbolt, Air Slash, and Thunder Wave can be taught to maximize its offensive potential. Additionally, teaching Astrozolt moves like Roost or Defog can provide it with utility and support options.

4. Competitive Viability

Astrozolt has found its place in the competitive Pokémon scene due to its unique typing and powerful moveset. Its Electric/Flying typing grants it a valuable immunity to Ground-type moves, which are commonly used to counter Electric-types. This allows Astrozolt to switch in safely against Ground-type Pokémon and threaten them with its powerful Electric attacks.

In addition to its typing, Astrozolt’s high Speed stat allows it to outspeed numerous threats in the metagame. This enables it to function as a revenge killer, taking down opponents that have weakened or eliminated its teammates.

However, Astrozolt does have some weaknesses that trainers must be aware of. Its low Defense and HP stats make it susceptible to physical attacks, especially from Rock and Ice types. Additionally, its movepool is somewhat limited, which can make it predictable for experienced opponents.


Astrozolt is a captivating Pokémon that combines the powers of electricity and flight. Its lore, abilities, stats, and competitive viability make it a formidable opponent in battles. Whether you’re a fan of its unique design or seeking a strong Electric/Flying type for your team, Astrozolt is a Pokémon worth considering. So, go out there, revive those fossils, and witness the power of Astrozolt for yourself!

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