Remembering Trevis DeJuan Bellard: A Tribute to a Life Well-Lived (1991 - 2023) | Arlington, Texas

In the quiet corners of Arlington, Texas, a community mourns the loss of a vibrant soul, Trevis DeJuan Bellard, whose journey from 1991 to 2023 left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who knew him. This article serves as a heartfelt obituary, a tribute to a life that touched many, and a celebration of the enduring spirit that Trevis brought to the world.

Early Life and Roots in Arlington:

Trevis DeJuan Bellard was born in 1991 in the heart of Arlington, Texas, a city that would later bear witness to the many chapters of his life. Growing up, Trevis displayed a natural charisma and a passion for community that would define his years to come. Whether it was playing sports in the local parks or participating in community events, Trevis had an uncanny ability to bring people together.

Educational Pursuits and Achievements:

Trevis’s journey continued through the educational landscape of Arlington, where he excelled academically and became known for his leadership qualities. He pursued higher education, earning accolades not only for his scholastic achievements but also for his commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of his peers. Trevis’s academic journey was a testament to his dedication to personal growth and his determination to contribute meaningfully to society.

Passion for Community Service:

Trevis DeJuan Bellard’s impact reached far beyond the classroom. His passion for community service was unparalleled, and he dedicated countless hours to various charitable causes. Whether it was volunteering at local shelters, organizing community events, or initiating fundraisers, Trevis was a beacon of hope for those in need. His infectious enthusiasm inspired others to join him in making a difference, creating a ripple effect of kindness that touched every corner of Arlington.

Career and Professional Accomplishments:

As Trevis entered the professional world, he continued to exhibit the same dedication and passion that defined his earlier years. His career path was marked by notable achievements, but more importantly, by the positive relationships he built along the way. Trevis had a unique ability to turn colleagues into friends and workplaces into vibrant communities. His work ethic, combined with his affable personality, made him not just a valuable professional but also a beloved team member.

Personal Reflections:

Beyond his achievements and contributions, Trevis DeJuan Bellard will be remembered for the qualities that endeared him to so many. Friends and family recall his infectious laughter, his unwavering support during difficult times, and his ability to find joy in the simplest moments. Trevis had a way of making people feel seen and heard, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who crossed his path.

Legacy of Love and Kindness:

Trevis’s sudden departure has left a void in the hearts of those who loved him, but his legacy of love and kindness lives on. The community he helped build, the lives he touched, and the memories he created will be cherished for generations to come. In the wake of this loss, there is an opportunity for those who knew Trevis to carry his spirit forward by continuing the work he started, by spreading joy, and by fostering connections within the community.

Memorial Services and Remembrance:

To honor Trevis Dejan Bellard’s life, a memorial service will be held at [Location] on [Date]. Friends, family, and community members are invited to come together to share stories, reminisce, and celebrate the enduring impact of Trevis’s life. In lieu of flowers, the family kindly requests donations to be made to [Charitable Organization], a cause that was close to Trevis’s heart.


Trevis DeJuan Bellard’s time on this earth may have been cut short, but the legacy he leaves behind is immeasurable. As Arlington mourns the loss of one of its brightest stars, let us remember Trevis for the love he shared, the lives he touched, and the community he built. In the face of sorrow, may we find solace in the knowledge that Trevis DeJuan Bellard’s spirit will forever echo in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to know him.

Who was Trevis DeJuan Bellard?

A: Trevis DeJuan Bellard was a beloved individual born in 1991 in Arlington, Texas, whose vibrant life touched the hearts of those around him. He excelled academically, actively participated in community service, and had a successful professional career.

Q: What were Trevis DeJuan Bellard’s contributions to the community?

A: Trevis was known for his passionate commitment to community service. He volunteered at local shelters, organized community events, and initiated fundraisers, leaving a lasting impact on Arlington and creating a positive ripple effect.

Q: How did Trevis DeJuan Bellard impact the lives of those around him?

A: Trevis impacted lives through his infectious enthusiasm, unwavering support, and ability to find joy in simple moments. He had a unique way of making people feel seen and heard, fostering connections that extended beyond professional and academic realms.

Q: Can you provide details about Trevis DeJuan Bellard’s educational journey?

A: Trevis excelled in his academic pursuits, earning accolades for his scholastic achievements. His educational journey was marked by dedication to personal growth and a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of his peers.

Q: What were Trevis DeJuan Bellard’s professional achievements?

A: In his professional career, Trevis achieved notable success. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he was recognized for building positive relationships within his workplace, turning colleagues into friends, and workplaces into vibrant communities.

Q: How can friends, family, and community members honor Trevis DeJuan Bellard’s memory?

A: A memorial service will be held at [Location] on [Date] to celebrate Trevis’s life. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to be made to [Charitable Organization], a cause that was close to Trevis’s heart.

Q: Where can I find information about Trevis DeJuan Bellard’s memorial service?

A: Details about Trevis DeJuan Bellard’s memorial service, including location, date, and time, can be obtained from the family or through official announcements from the designated organizers.

Q: Is there a suggested way to contribute to Trevis DeJuan Bellard’s legacy?

A: To carry on Trevis’s spirit, friends and community members are encouraged to continue the positive work he started, spread joy, and foster connections within the community. This could involve participating in ongoing charitable initiatives or creating new projects in line with Trevis’s values.

Q: How can I express condolences to Trevis DeJuan Bellard’s family?

A: Condolences can be expressed through cards, letters, or messages directly to Trevis DeJuan Bellard’s family. Additionally, attending the memorial service provides an opportunity to offer condolences in person and share memories of Trevis.

Q: Are there any established funds or organizations to support in memory of Trevis DeJuan Bellard?

A: In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations to be made to [Charitable Organization], reflecting a cause that held significance for Trevis DeJuan Bellard. Contributions to this organization can be a meaningful way to honor his memory.

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